Connecting Lyndhurst Surgery to us, its Patients, is our Priority


In order to facilitate the highest quality of healthcare and personalised services to all  patients, Lyndhurst PPG is designed to develop a two way link between the Surgery and us its patients.

Lyndhurst Patient Participation Group (PPG) is specifically aimed at ensuring that all parties benefit from honest and constructive two way communications.

Utilising modern communication channels; the PPG aims to both clearly represent the spectrum of surgery facilities and capabilities.

Whilst passing back feedback and suggestions from patients to assist the surgery to further improve its service to us the patients… 

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Patient Services

Explore the range of medical and personal services offered at Lyndhurst Surgery by visiting its website to learn more.


Primary Care

Comprehensive health assessments and screenings for all ages.


Specialist Clinics

Specialized care for chronic conditions and management programs.


Health Education

Access to skilled doctors and nurses for personalized treatments and advice.

Taking more control of our health today is a key priority for us all.


So learning about the comprehensive range of services available is the first step.

  • Lyndhurst PPG serves as a vital link between patients and medical updates. We strive to keep our patient community informed and aware.
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